pre-conference workshops

Pre-Conference Monday 6 September 2021

MasterClass & Workshops

The half day pre-conference workshops are also available via Livestream. You can join remotely online via Zoom. You can also purchase Livestreaming PLUS which includes a 30 minute Q & A with the presenter.

*The full day Capital Campaign & Discovering Advancement Masterclass and workshop are NOT available via Livestream.

Capital Campaigns
Full Day Workshop
9.00 - 4.30

Capital Campaigns Masterclass

A major challenge facing Advancement professionals in education is planning and delivering a successful campaign that enables your institution to realise its dreams through transformational philanthropy.

In this interactive masterclass, experienced practitioners will explore all aspects of a campaign; types of campaigns, readiness, planning, phases and stage, the three pillars of success, why a great case really matters, how major gifts are pivotal to success, leadership and volunteers, and resourcing. There will be ample opportunities for interaction and sharing of delegate experience during the masterclass.


Bradley Fenner l  Headmaster & CEO  l  Prince Alfred College SA 

Michelle Carroll  l  Principal I  St. Catherine’s School Toorak

Dr John Newtown  l  Principal & CEO  I  Scotch College Adelaide


Ann Badger l  Senior Consultant & Principal l  Marts & Lundy

Abhra Bhattacharjee  l  Director of Philanthropy & External Relations  l   Scotch College Adelaide

Workshop 3

planning the perfect

Half Day Workshop
1.00 - 4.30

Planning the Perfect Presentation

Being a confident, clear and a well presented speaker is an essential skill. Communicating new ideas, solutions and concepts in a manner which is concise, punctual, and to a high level of detail, is a priceless ability to acquire and maintain.

“It’s the presenter’s job to know and tune into the audience’s frequency. Your message should resonate with what’s already inside them.” ~ Nancy Duarte
• Have confidence speaking in front of a diverse or different audience
• Communicate concepts simply

• Understand the wants and needs of your audience


Cameron Pegg  l  Content Strategist, Writer, Editor, Speaker,  Trainer  l  Website

Workshop 5

video & cinematography
iphone workshop

Half Day Workshop
1.00 - 4.30

Video & Cinematography iPhone Workshop

Pre-conference workshop is a half day hands on interactive how to shoot video on iphones. Many schools do not have budgets for professional videography so they will be very keen to know how to make great films themselves. It maybe for a fundraising campaign, an Alumni event, highlighting special stories or a campaign to an Open Day and attract enrolments.


Jason van Genderen  l  Filmbreaker, Creative Agitator, Media Presenter  l  Website

Workshop 2
discovering advancement workshop
Full Day Workshop
9.00 - 4.30

Discovering Advancement Workshop

The Discover Advancement workshop is designed for those delegates who are new to the sector; those who juggle multiple roles and/or those who represent institutions in the early stages of their Advancement journeys. There will be a lot of shared knowledge in the room that will provide you with practical and relatable pointers and insights to get you started so that you can achieve some immediate success. Opportunities to network and share experience with fellow delegates in similar roles offer exceptional additional benefit. Looking forward to you joining us!


Russell Davidson Haileybury  l  Sue Russell St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School  l  Lea Walker-Franks Walker-Franks Consultancy
Ana Gozalo Scotch College I  Susie Gill St Catherine's UWA

Workshop 4

Social media
advertising workshop

Half Day Workshop
1.00 - 4.30

Social media Workshop

Social media is an integral part of a school's marketing and communications strategy. It provides a platform to authentically share our school's story and celebrate the many amazing things that go on these vibrant and dynamic learning hubs every day, allowing us to engage with our community and strengthen our brand. Join Claire to learn the latest trends, tips and tricks to get maximum impact for our time and money.


Claire O'Connell  l  Managing Consultant  l  The Classroom, Social Media Agency


Workshop 6


Half Day Workshop
1.00 - 4.30

Partner Workshop, Q & A and Demonstration session

  • Enquiry Tracker: Meet with Enquiry Tracker to discuss your one stop solution to managing your Admissions pipeline.

  • Education Horizons Group: Empower Education through world-class Management Solutions.

  • Digistorm: Apps, websites, enrolment automation and much more.

  • Potentiality  : Provide an all-in-one solution that encompasses a powerful Fundraising Database, a social network integrated Online Community, a Website, Emailing facility, an Events Management System, inbuilt Payment Gateway, Campaign Manager and Microsoft Outlook integration.